eC-smart-tools : Solder Paste editor

Each component has its own specific requirements for the openings in the solderpaste stencil . In this new tool, which is part of PCB Visualizer, you can modify your paste-file according to these specific...

Proximo – bezoek aan Ideetron

Bart Hiddink vertelt over het idee, de functionaliteit en de keuzes gemaakt tijdens de ontwikkeling van de Proximo.

Proximo – interview met Paul Petersen – FHI

Op  kan je de ontwikkeling volgen van het proximo gadget voor de WoTS beurs in Utrecht van 2 tot en met 5 oktober 2018. We starten ons avontuur met een interview met Paul Petersen, over het hoe...

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Making and Evaluating cross-sections

Making cross-sections   Cross-section analysis is a powerful tool for process control and for analysis of defects. A professionally made cross-section reveals a lot of hidden information that is of utmost...

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Multilayer registration

The registration of all copper layers and drill layers to each other is one of the main challenges in the production of multilayer boards. The higher the quantity of layers and the more drill-runs, the more complicated...

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