IMS-pool, how we produce IMS-boards.

Thermally Conductive substrate printed circuit board or Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) board, are two names for one type of PCB.

Multilayer registration

The registration of all copper layers and drill layers to each other is one of the main challenges in the production of multilayer boards. The higher the quantity of layers and the more drill-runs, the more...

Making of a 4-layer PCB

This video shows the production flow of a 4-layer PCB. You can see the latest status of our two production plants, Eurocircuits Eger Hungary and Eurocircuits Aachen Germany.

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Drill and Slot editor

PCB Visualizer has proved to be a show saver for many orders and customers, making it possible to find anomalies safely before launching the order. Using PCB Visualizer results into a WIN-WIN situation between our...

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